About us

In our family run pension, a friendly atmospehere and comfort meet with aesthetics of times long passed by. Even though we are located no more than 5 minutes walking from Český Krumlov’s central square, after an agreement, you can use parking places located directly in front of our facility – both free of charge. For breakfast we recommend visiting our family-run KaféTé café near the guesthouse. From us at the guesthouse you will get 100 CZK discount
voucher, which you can use here. For lunch and dinner, we recommend a place nearby – Vrátnice restaurant.

Plešivecká 129, 381 01 Český Krumlov
Phone: +420 605 162 478


It is possible to park on a paid car park in the vicinity of 100m from the pension according to the free capacity. To guarantee a parking space, you can use the P3 city parking within a walking distance of 10 minutes from the house. P3 parking is charged with parking cards, which you can buy at our pension or in the Infocenter on the main square.


From the train station

It should take you no more than 15 minutes by foot, if you decide to walk from the train station. If you wouldn‘t call yourself admirers of long walks with luggages, it is better to call yourself a taxi (+420 380 712 712 – Green taxi).
Should you decide to walk after all, follow the signs that read „Centrum“, that will lead you to the centre of the town. In other words – with you back against the station, head right and follow the main road using the pavement just next to it. Continue straight for about 100m and then (along with the main road) turn left – now you can see the tower of the castle of Český Krumlov in the distance, posing a landmark for you to follow. Now walk about 500m straight – on your right hand you will be passing a small supermarket (Malý supermarket u Marků – Koloniál na Růžku, which has been around for already more than 32 years). After you leave the long straight street behind you, a road called Serpentina awaits you – a sinuous street with cobbled stone, lined with metal banister. Serpentina shall lead you to Luna cinema, where you can go see a movie or two – some of the movies are in English. After you pass the main bridge leading to the center of the town, just continue straight…

From Špičák (bus stop)

Špičák, or Luna. A place where you can find the town‘s cinema and the main bridge. The bridge leads to the center of town – pass it and you will find yourself on the brink of the historical center of the city of Český Krumlov. If you continue straight, you will end up right in front of the castle, on the main square…

From the bus station

On the bus station it is best to simply ask which way the center is. Everybody will be happy to show you a small, narrow street leading into the woods – don‘t be afraid to take it. You will get to the center in about 10 minutes and just behind the narrow street, you will see the castle tower in the distance – you cannot get lost. The street itself is quite steep, but do not worry – it is no more than 40m long, then you will be going downhill all the way until you reach the center. Cross the pedestrian crossing – on the right you will see a theater and ahead of you, you will see the main bridge that will take you to the center. On your right, ther is a nice view of the church of st. Jošt and the castle. On your left, there is the famous Hotel Růže and St. Vitus church.

From the center to Pension Weber

When you get to Thomas Garrigue Masaryk bridge and Plešivec stairs, then our pension is not far away. Both bridge and stairs are located south of main square. When you cross the bridge, walk up the stairs and then just continue straight for few hundred meters. Our pension is on the right side with banner Pension Weber on it.